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scribular-256Here’s another nifty app for your iPhone.  Scribular is a mashing of the ability to get on the Internet with your handy device, and the ability to know where you are with the GPS.

So what’s new or interesting about that?  I’m sure there’s hundreds of apps that will show you what’s around close to you like where to eat, drink, etc.  Well, sure – this could do that too, but it doesn’t really.  What it does do is allow you to see ‘places’ that other folks have designated, and read notes that others have left about those places.  The idea is really cool – like a virtual bulletin board for general rants, suggestions, comments or what have you about specific places.  Read on for more…

If you register as a user (which is free, as is the app), then you can post notes yourself and designate new ‘places’.  When you fire up the app and let it find your location, it homes in on your spot then shows the nearest places to you that have been added, and you can proceed to read the notes left by others.  This function is spot on, and it works like a champ.  So how good is the app?

Well, the app really depends on input from users to shine.  If no one in your area is using it, then you won’t find much content as far as defined places go, or notes about those places.  Here in Dallas, there doesn’t seem to be much activity – which is very concerning for the overall usefulness of the app since Dallas isn’t exactly a small market.  Still, the idea is sound and the app’s function is spot on – so perhaps with some more soak time this can really become something popular and useful.

Considering the price is right (i.e. free), there’s no reason not to have this on your iPhone, and just keep an eye for increased activity once in a while.  Or you could even start the trend by taking the time to define some of your favorite spots and leaving notes of your own!

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