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D300 On it’s way!

author | April 13, 2008

D300Thanks, Mr. Taxman!  Not only do I not need to pay the government an extra bundle of cash this April, but I’m actually getting a bit back.

So the next logical question is what to spend it on, of course!  Well, my old faithful day-one Nikon D100 is getting long in the tooth, so… I’ve ordered up a brand-spanking new Nikon D300 to take over photo-taking duties.  The D100 has served me very well, and is still quite serviceable.  There’s only a couple items that are getting worn out (like the metering mode switch – grrr), but it still takes some great shots of the kiddos - It will stay with us as a backup camera for the rest of the family.

I’m getting all giddy just waiting for the new toy!  Luckily, the Renaissance Festival is going on now, so perhaps this weekend we can pack up the family and take the new cam for a test drive!!

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