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Geocaching App Review

author | October 16, 2008

color_geoNOtext150 Who doesn’t like Geocaching??  Well, okay – who doesn’t know what Geocaching is?  Okay, one more time – Who knows what Geocaching is??  Well, for those of you who partake, here’s an app for your iPhone straight from the source of geocaching – groundspeak themselves.

Unlike much of the apps that I play with and have written about, this one isn’t free.  But, neither was your iPhone, so I suppose paying for an app here and there isn’t as bad as it seems.  First off, for those who don’t know what Geocaching is, it’s what those people are doing walking around in zig zags or circles in the park or off to the side of the nature trail.  And you just thought they were crazy!  Well, actually come to think of it – I have seen a lot of crazy people in remote spots while I’ve been out geocaching, so let’s reserve hasty judgement.  In short, someone hides something (a box, an ammo can, even sometimes just a 35mm film container), records the location, and posts it to the website.  Then people download the geocache information, grab their GPS and head off in search of it.

Sounds simple – but the fun is trying to hide them in spots that are hard to find (obviously), remote, hard or a long walk to get to – or best yet, a hard to get to, remote spot that’s somewhere pretty, relaxing and seldom visited.  Okay, that’s a lot to hope for on each one – but it is fun to head out and try to find them.  For those interested, there are Geocaches spread all over the world nowadays, so if you’re interested in getting into it, chances are there are plenty to find where you are.  It’s also quite fun with kids – as many of the caches contain little trinkets for trade – just the sort of cheap stuff kids love to find on a ‘treasure hunt’.

So now that you know all about geocaching, what’s this app all about?  Read on for more…

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