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Nikon Capture NX or Adobe Lightroom

author | April 19, 2008

So there’s no shortage of photo organizing and editing software available these days, and the choices can make your head hurt just trying to read about them and test them out.  I’ve tried my share of them, too.  I’ve tried using one package for organizing and one for editing, I’ve tried all-in-one packages, etc.  The only real answer I’ve found so far, is there’s no perfect answer.

However, I can tell you there are better answers than others.  Photoshop Elements + Photoshop CS was the solution that I used for a long time, and honestly – it was the best solution for organizing.  Nothing beats Photoshop Elements’ organizing features.  I tried several others for organizing – packages that specialize in just that and claim to be pro-quality digital asset management packages.  Well – they were very full featured, but didn’t have all the convenience features of Elements (Stacking, Version Sets, etc.), and in the end were just annoying to use because of the constant clean-up or additional workflow steps after making edits to images.

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