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The iPhone vs Future Devices

author | October 7, 2008

HTC-Touch-HD-Eclipsing-iPhone-3G-in-Live-Images-4So now that the wife has had an iPhone for some time, and I’ve had some time to mess about with it – decision time has come to determine whether or not I will jump ship from Windows Mobile to the iPhone (or at least jump ship for a few months, hehe).

I tend to be a thoughtful person when it comes to decisions, and have posted a couple times on my impressions of the iPhone (here and here).  On the whole, the iPhone isn’t perfect, but it’s not a bad choice, either.  Right this second, there’s not really any competition to the iPhone.  However, around the corner always lurks new technology.  There’s bound to be something in the pipe to kill the iPhone’s current prominence as the best all-around mobile device, right?  Of course!  Read on for more…

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