The Best List

You’ve found it!  Eureka!  In all of your wandering about the vast (and mostly porn-filled) Internet, you’ve finally hit the mother lode!  It’s the list of the Best of Everything!!

While this is, by definition, The Best List, it is also a living document and as such it will never be finished.  For my convenience and your… well, whatever you’d like to think I took into account for you, the most recently added items are randomly placed throughout the list in absolutely no particular order.

Disclaimers:  Items on the list represent only the Best in the opinion of the executive management team.  You should be aware that items on this list may not actually be the Best.  Your mileage may vary.  Buyer beware.  Never put salt in your eye.

The Best Science Fiction TV Series:  Doctor Who

The Best Rock and Roll Band:  Led Zeppelin

The Best Medical TV Series:  House

The Best Indiana Jones Film:  The Last Crusade

The Best Sport:  College Football

The Best Comedy Author:  Douglas Adams

The Best Universal Remote Control:  Logitech Harmony One

The Best Outdoor Gear Retailer:  REI

The Best Radio Station in Dallas/Ft. Worth:  1310 The Ticket

The Best Comedy Film:  Dr. Strangelove

The Best Place To Buy Video and Audio Cables Online:  Monoprice

The Best Mexican Cerveza:  Negra Modelo

The Best Place To Buy Computer-Related Hardware Online:  Newegg

The Best Open Source Operating System:  Ubuntu

The Best Computer Video Game:  The Sims 2

The Best Online Movie Rental Service:  Netflix

The Best Survival TV Series:  Man vs Wild


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