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Lux Touch App Review

author | October 18, 2008

1224087739-IMG_0001If you’re like me, there are some games from your youth that just never get old.  Monopoly – Oh yeah, that gets old REAL quick.  Risk was one of those games that just never got old.  Something about world domination just can’t help but stir something in the heart of every young boy.  It even got better as time went on, with more refined and detailed board games like Axis & Allies.  Ah, those were the days!

Well, now you can relive just a bit of that fun on your iPhone – and you can even do it for free!  The app Lux Touch isn’t as detailed as Axis & Allies – it’s more like a short, sweet version of Risk.

First off, you’re the Blue army – and the object is simple: absolute, complete obliteration of your opponents.  At the beginning of each turn, you get armies to add to your existing forces in any area you occupy, and as you gain control of entire continents, you get bonus armies to deploy.  As your numbers build up, you can attack adjoining areas that your opponents occupy, and they will attempt to do the same to you.  It’s simple, yet addictive.  Read on for more and some screenshots…

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Lego Indiana Jones

author | July 3, 2008

Now that we’ve got the HTPC hooked up with a way to play games from the comfort of the couch… We’ve just got to have something to play on it, right?  Enter Lego Indiana Jones.  Sure, there’s probably ‘cooler’ games out there and all, but for two middle-aged adults hanging out on the couch and playing video games on the computer while the kids are asleep, it doesn’t really take much.

However, that’s really selling this game short.  This game is fun.  I mean, really fun!  For those of us who watched and loved the original Indiana Jones movies (okay, let’s be honest, no one liked the Temple of Doom) – it’s an enjoyable trip down memory lane.  Imagine a movie made purely with Lego characters, and then imagine you get to control those Lego characters.  Okay – if the movie you happened to imagine was an Indiana Jones movie, then… you’ve pretty much got a good picture of what the game is.

How does it play?

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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows

author | June 28, 2008

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for WindowsSo maybe I’m a bit behind the times when it comes to computer gaming.  Okay, I am way behind the times – but I have an excuse that I’ve got two small kids.  Can’t say I’m too anxious to see them spend their days in front of a computer or the TV playing games all day – they need to be outside, running around and getting exercise!

Now for us adults, however, things are a bit different.  Luckily, there’s nothing wrong with us entering a comatose state in front of the computer playing games until the wee hours of the morning.  Well – when you have the time and can stay awake after running after kids all day, that is.

But being hunched over a laptop alone isn’t much fun, especially when your back hurts from being hunched over a laptop all day at work.  There’s got to be something better.  Ah, what about this nice Vista home theater PC I recently built?  Maybe that could do the trick…  but, how to play a game on that?!  I don’t want to try and use some keyboard and mouse from the couch.  Apparently, some smart people solved this issue many years ago by inventing things called video game consoles.  These things came with an ingenious method of playing games called a gamepad.  Over many, many years of grueling research and development, they managed to invent some of these gamepads that could work without wires.  Wow!  Now we’re on to something that just might solve the problem – but this isn’t a game console made just for using a gamepad, it’s a full fledged computer.  How good could one of those wireless gamepads really work on this?

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