DirecTV: HD Tivo vs Plus HD DVR

Well, I’ve finally given up the HD Tivo integrated DirecTV receiver (HR10-250) to move on to DirecTV’s ‘Plus HD DVR’ receiver (HR21-700) so I can get all those HD channels they’ve been bragging about.  Why did I have to give up the Tivo to get them?  Well, two reasons:

  1. The new HD channels are MPEG4 encoded.  The Tivo-based receiver supports MPEG2 only and it can’t be upgraded to support the MPEG4 compression.
  2. DirecTV and Tivo aren’t really friends anymore.  I wish they were, because I’m a fan of the Tivo interface – and the rest of the family sure likes it too.  But, waiting for them to kiss and make up could take… well, long enough that television technology will most likely change a few more times at least!

So to get the latest technology and the latest HD channels from DirecTV, I have had to say goodbye to Tivo.  Did I want to?  Nope.  But here’s to making the best of the situation.  So now that I’ve switched and been up and running on the new box for a week, how does the DirecTV DVR compare to the Tivo-based service?  Well, here’s my take:

To start with, I think it’s really only fair to compare the features I really use.  Sure, the Tivo can do things the DirecTV box can’t and vice-versa, but that’s to be expected.  I can’t really call one a winner just because it does a bunch of things I don’t nor will ever actually use.  So to be fair, this list is mainly just the things I normally do/use/notice, with a smattering of other ‘special features and editorial comments.  Enjoy the bake-off, and the conclusion is at the bottom.

Functional Requirements:

  1. Content!
    • Tivo:  The Tivo unit is capable of receiving all Standard Definition DirecTV channels.  As for High Definition, the receiver is only MPEG2 capable, meaning only a selection of the HD channels on DirecTV are available.  These include the premium channels (HBO HD, Showtime HD, etc.) and a smattering of the non-premium channels (ESPN HD, Discovery HD Theater, HDNet, etc.)  To make matters worse, even with the limited selection, it’s only a matter of time before DirecTV converts the broadcast of these channels to MPEG4 compression, rendering the Tivo receiver only capable of Standard Definition content.
    • DirecTV DVR:  The DirecTV DVR is capable of receiving all Standard Definition channels, and High Definition channels in both MPEG2 and MPEG4 compression.  This expanded selection with MPEG4 compression brings channels like Discovery Channel HD, National Geographic HD, SciFi HD, FX HD, HGTV HD, etc.  You can even get your local channels in HD, provided you live in an area that’s covered.  If you pony up for the most expensive plan, you can end up getting a whopping 95 channels in HD.  Bear in mind, though, while the number sounds impressive I have to wonder exactly how much content you’re going to be recording off channels such as The Weather Channel HD or Fox Business HD.  If you’ve been dying to get those channels, do me a huge favor:  stop reading this and immediately go and give your nice HDTV to someone who deserves it.
    • Winner:  DirecTV DVR
  2. Adding a Season Pass:
    • Tivo:  This is pretty darn intuitive.  You tell it to record the series, and then it runs with it.  It automatically adds the show to the season pass list, and will by default scan all channels and all times to find upcoming shows and record them if it hasn’t recorded them.  You can tune the settings for the season pass, and rank order the season passes by priority so if there is a conflict, the highest ranked season pass will win.  Conflicts result in the recording of repeat shows at a later date as expected, and the choice of recording first-run shows only identifies repeats wherever possible, even if you haven’t seen them before.  This does require ‘repeat’ being included in the shows description, so it can depend on the guide information provided.
    • DirecTV DVR:  Not quite as intuitive, but not rocket science either.  The interface for options is a bit more obtuse, and the features are more limited for things such as show padding.  Additionally, I’ve noticed that selecting to only record ‘First Run’ shows results in recording repeats.  Apparently, it only means don’t record ones you’ve already seen.  While the guide shows the original air date, apparently the box doesn’t bother taking that into account to determine whether it’s a repeat or not.  I’m not yet 100% confident in the DirecTV DVR’s ability to correctly identify and record first run shows, nor am I fully confident yet in the intelligence to find a repeat for missed shows or recording conflicts.
    • Winner:  Tivo
  3. Now Playing List:
    • Tivo:  The current software version of the HD Tivo for DirecTV allows the list to be organized into folders for each show or listed individually.  In the group folder list it can arrange them by most recently recorded, or by title.  In the view for each folder, it will list the shows by most recently recorded.  The Now Playing List also includes a ‘Recently Deleted’ folder containing shows you have deleted which have not been recorded over yet.  The list takes up the majority of the screen, using the real estate available well.
    • DirecTV DVR: Not quite as user friendly as the Tivo interface, as the list of shows only gets about the bottom half of the screen.  If you’ve got a lot of recorded shows (and who doesn’t?), it makes it a bit of a pain to work your way through the list.  There’s also no feature for recently deleted shows.  However, the list is functional and it can group recorded shows together rather than providing one long list of individual shows.
    • Winner:  Tivo
  4. Searching for shows:
    • Tivo:  On the Tivo, you can use the search function from the ‘Pick Programs to Record’ menu.  Within the search, you can search by categories of shows, titles, actors, etc.  As you enter letters for the search, it searches the guide information it has downloaded (up to about 14 days) and displays and updates a list of programs you can choose.
    • DirecTV DVR:  The search option is right from the main menu, and allows searching by titles, actors, etc.  As you enter information, just like the Tivo it shows an updated result set.  One nice addition is that it designates HD versions as HD, so you can easily select the best copy of the show from the list.
    • Winner:  DirecTV DVR
  5. Pause during a recorded show:
    • Tivo:  You hit pause and it pauses.  Forever.  You can pause a recorded show, leave the TV on, go to the beach for a few weeks, come back, hit pause and it’ll take back off right where you were.
    • DirecTV DVR:  Works just like expected.  One difference is that the DirecTV DVR will switch to a screen saver mode after a long period of inactivity.  No real impact to actual usage, though.
    • Winner:  Tie
  6. Fast Forward during a recorded show:
    • Tivo:  The fast-forward button has three speed settings, one press for fairly slow fast forward, two presses for what you’d imagine fast forward to be and three presses for really fast.  When you hit play while it has been fast forwarding, it will skip back a bit.  The bit that it skips back depends on how rapidly it was fast forwarding.  It works very slick, and seems to pop back to just the right spot when I hit play more often than not.
    • DirecTV DVR:  The fast-forward button has four speed settings, advancing a speed with each press of the button.  Like the Tivo, when you hit play while fast-forwarding, it will skip back a bit depending on how fast it was fast-forwarding.
    • Winner:  Tie
  7. Deleting Recorded Shows:
    • Tivo:  You can choose delete from the information page when you select the recorded show, or you can hit the ‘clear’ button while highlighting the show in the list to quickly delete the show.
    • DirecTV DVR:  Works just like the Tivo, however the button to quickly delete from the list is a bit less intuitive, being one of the colored buttons with no distinct label.  Perhaps I’ll get used to it.
    • Winner:  Tie
  8. Changing Season Pass / Series Recording Priority:
    • Tivo:  Very easy in the Season Pass Manager to re-arrange the priority list of the season passes.  It can, however, take a strangely long amount of time for the unit to finish reording them and return to the main menu when you are done.
    • DirecTV DVR:  Again, very easy to access the priority list in the recorded show management functions, moving them up and down as desired.  Applying the priority and returning to the main menu is fairly instantaneous.
    • Winner:  DirecTV DVR
  9. Remote Scheduling:
    • Tivo:  I didn’t get a chance to use this function before switching to the DirecTV DVR.  This supposedly becomes available with the latest firmware version (6.4), which I just got applied to my receiver the night before the DirecTV DVR was to be installed.  My understanding, however, is that the method of scheduling would be exactly the same interface on DirecTV’s website.
    • DirecTV DVR:  So I’ve tried it, and it works.  The caveat is, the DirecTV website interface for doing so could use some work.  There’s no method I’ve found for searching for a show – rather it requires you to wander through a time-grid of the channels.  Interestingly enough, there’s a mobile web page for scheduling via an Internet-enabled phone or device.  That page does allow you to search for a show, but not browse the time-grid.  Oddness abounds, but hey – it works!
    • Winner:  Tie?
  10. Browsing the Guide:
    • Tivo:  The Tivo offers two guide types, the standard time-based grid, and also one that shows a longer period of time for each channel.  The non-grid is a bit faster, but recent firmware updates have resulted in the normal grid-style guide being plenty fast, too.  The grid uses the majority of the screen, maximizing the number of channels seen at once.  As usual, you can jump up and down by page by using the channel up/down buttons.
    • DirecTV DVR:  The normal time-based channel grid is the default format.  Again, for some reason it only occupies the lower portion of the screen, offering only a few channels at once to be seen.  The time-based grid is also pretty sluggish to navigate, even when jumping up and down by pages.
    • Winner:  Tivo
  11. Resolution Selection and Switching:
    • Tivo:  The Tivo offers all the standard resolutions (480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i).  You can manually select the desired resolution in the menus, or you can configure the direction up button to switch between certain formats.
    • DirecTV DVR:  Like the Tivo, it offers all the major resolutions.  You can change the resolution through the menus, and also by an assigned Format button on the remote.  A nifty option in the setup menu is to display content in native format, where the DVR will automatically switch the output between the resolutions to match the native resolution of the show – handy to stay native for those HD channels which may broadcast in either 720p or 1080i.  Minor caveat:  I have had this result in no picture being output to my TV after a resolution change once.  As it hasn’t been a common occurrence, I’m not sure whether my TV or the DVR was the culprit.
    • Winner:  DirecTV DVR

Non-Functional Requirements/Device-Specific Features:

  1. Graphics and Menu Displays:
    • Tivo:  The menus and graphics used for the interface are simple and display well at all resolutions.  While they are not over-the-top style wise, they are pleasing to the eye and are very easy to get used to.
    • DirecTV DVR:  The graphics used throughout the interface, and the layout of the menus leaves quite a bit to be desired.  There is little polish to the interface, with much of it appearing blocky and unnecessarily large.  Compared to the Tivo, it feels as though a first year programming student has designed the interface and graphics.  While it’s all functional, it appears to take quite a bit longer to get used to than the Tivo, and still, in the end it looks blocky and just isn’t streamlined.
    • Winner:  Tivo
  2. DirecTV on Demand:
    • Tivo:  Doesn’t have it.  Doesn’t support it.
    • DirecTV DVR:  Has it and it works.  What is it?  Well, it’s supposed to be a hip way to get content on demand by selecting what you want and having it downloaded to your receiver while you wait (or better yet, while you go outside and get some exercise).  How do you get it?  All you do is plug the thing into your Ethernet network, make sure it’s setup and connected to the Internet and then you’re done.  So, all good there – I’ve got it setup.  So then the story goes that it can "access thousands of titles".  Well, apparently it takes a day or two to really kick into gear.  The first day, that "thousands of titles" amounted to a handful of things I really wouldn’t want to ever download.  Given another day, now there’s a lot more listed – but the good stuff seems to require payment – just like pay per view.  So, I’m not too sure what the ultimate point is – if it’s something good, you have to pay for it.  If you were going to pay for it, you could just order the pay per view and record it (you’ve got a DVR after all, right?).  Ten points for the idea, minus five points for the interface and minus ten points for the fact you could pay and record it anyway.
    • Winner:  Home Theater PC hooked up to the Internet and a Bittorrent client


So tallying up the score, the Tivo nets 4 wins, the DirecTV DVR gets 4 wins and there were 4 ties.  So what’s the verdict, then?  It’s completely obvious: the numbers don’t matter, it’s all about the content!  More HD beats less HD, no matter what.  So if you’re sitting around waiting and you either haven’t jumped to DirecTV because you want your Tivo, or if you’re on DirecTV and you haven’t upgraded to MPEG4 because you want your Tivo – here’s what to do:  Stop reading Internet blogs and forums about the what’s better or worse, pick up the phone, call DirecTV and get the DirecTV DVR with the HD Access package, and start watching more glorious HD content!

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