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midomi-iphone-icon-masked-100 Here’s a nifty app for the iPhone that’s actually handy, useful and does what it claims to do.  I’m not a music snob, though I do like music.  With kids, work and all the rest of life flowing around, I don’t get as much time as I used to to sit back, relax and enjoy some music (and an adult beverage).

That also means, I don’t have the time to stay abreast of who’s who in music, or what’s supposed to be good or not, or even what is good.  I just end up happening across tunes  I like, and then struggling to figure out what the song was and who’s performing it.  Read on for more…

That’s where this app is handy and useful.  It will figure out that song for you.  The most reliable way is to let it listen to a song on the radio.  You press record and hold your phone near the source of the music for a few seconds, and presto – it searches and finds the song.  Each time I’ve tried with the radio, it has nailed it.  I don’t mean by giving you a list of ten songs and it’s one of them – I mean by giving a list of one song, and it’s the right one.

If you want, you can head straight from the found song into iTunes and purchase it.  Handy, but a bit scary – as now it may lead to a lot more song purchases by the wife!  Sure, they’re only 99 cents – but that can add up!

Lets say you’re not near the radio and you’ve got that unknown song stuck in your head.  In that crisis situation, you can use the app to try and relieve your growing insanity by singing or humming the tune – and the app will try and pick it out.  It’s not nearly as reliable, but it can be fun.  Almost fun enough to encourage you to go to a karaoke night at a bar to give it a real test.  I said almost – there would be no possible good to come from doing that – except maybe you could prove to those people that they can’t sing.  If this app can’t figure out what song they’re singing – then they are not singing well!

So it’s handy and useful, it works – is it worth the price?  Well, it’s a free app.  That’s cool!  At that price, I’d say it’s a must have for your phone.

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