At last – Cheap and Good Cables!!

In case you haven’t noticed, the price of some cables – especially those for home theater hookups – are just getting downright insane.  You walk into your local ‘big box retailer’ and even their cheapest, shortest HDMI cable is going for over $50.  Ouch!

Come on, you say to yourself, this is just some pieces of copper with some connections on each end.  Well, you’re right.  Back in the day of analog signals, quality cables could actually make a big difference by helping to avoid signal noise and drop-off.  Well, we’re in the digital age now (some of us are, anyway) and now these cables are just expected to carry 1′s and 0′s across the wire to their destination.  Point being, if the digital information gets there, it gets there – plain and simple.

So the days of ‘premium’ cabling needs are behind us, but the cable manufacturers haven’t bothered to let you in on the secret.  Cable makers like Monster Cable are still there to happily take away your money.  I’ve come across an excellent online source for discriminating cable buyers that prefer to keep money in their wallet, instead of wasted…

Where is this place you ask?  Conveniently open 24 hours on the Internet, of course –  Take a moment to browse their site.  No worries, I’ll wait for you.  Why not try looking for a 10 foot 28AWG HDMI 1.3a cable.  Something’s got to be wrong, right?  That can’t be right, can it?  $4.58 for the cable??  Yep.  I got two of them.

Well, sure – they’re cheap, but they can’t work right, can they?  Of course they work right!  Remember, this is digital information.  My HD Tivo and my DirecTV HD DVR are working just fine with these $4.58 cables, in full HD video and sound glory.  Now for some real sticker shock, check out the cheapest HDMI cable you can get that’s close to 10 feet long at Best Buy – It’s 8 feet and $79.99!!  Yikes.  That’s not a slam against Best Buy – heck, I love that place – but just think of what you could do with that extra $75.

Monoprice has all sorts of other cables too, DVI, Ethernet, Digital Audio… Highly recommended the next time you’re in need of hooking some new electronic gizmo up.

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